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Following a terrorist attack on London, an unprecedented threat arises, requiring drastic action—the next generation of espionage. The non-negotiable demand: expose a covert global organisation. The unimaginable objective: locate the terrorist hiding somewhere in alternative realities. Secret Agent Jackson Blake must go undercover, using cutting-edge quantum technology, migrating his consciousness into parallel selves. He has a weak lead, scarce knowledge of the realities he will traverse, and is running out of time.  Although highly skilled, Blake secretly wrestles with internal conflicts. They could compromise his efforts. It will be a kaleidoscopic odyssey, testing his endurance and challenging his perceptions.  One question determines everything: Who or what is the leveller? Take on the mind-bending mission. Think once, act infinitely.

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Our world has fallen We are no longer the dominant species It is a fight for survival Caught in the middle is Aldber. He is of the Galardros—the human resistance. Expectations weigh heavily on him. After being fully initiated into the order, Aldber has a disturbing nightmare. It reveals uncomfortable truths about his origins. They present an opportunity. Dividing the opinion of his superiors, Aldber takes it upon himself to hunt down the enemy's formidable leader. It is a glimmer of hope in their desperate struggle. And a test of his potential. But this is not a black-and-white situation. Great mysteries unfold beyond anything Aldber could imagine. Encounters, friendship and love change his life. Stark realisations challenge his identity and beliefs. Aldber must face his destiny, making an unavoidable decision—risking everything. It will determine the world's fate, questioning what it means to be human. Join the far-future epic adventure

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A.R. questions the 'what if?', reflecting on current times with multi-layered narratives, focusing on entertaining, inspiring and intellectually challenging his audience. 

The author lives in London. He enjoys making and playing music, travelling and hiking.

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