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About the Trilogy

War for Humanity is a coming-of-age story set in the future after an apocalypse, where a rival species has risen to claim superiority, and a young human warrior named Aldber is caught in the midst of the climactic war. The conflict will challenge his identity and beliefs, the consequences of which will decide the fate of the world forever.

Although set in the future, all of the topics discussed relate to our current times: racism, religion, inequality, privilege, greed, climate change, feminism, homophobia, toxic masculinity, mental health, the impact of technology, disability discrimination, the advent of artificial intelligence. It is also injected with politics, philosophy, spirituality, and personal experiences to make it treatment on the human condition.




In the near future, the world will be a fallen paradise.

An asteroid will rain down, destroying civilisation and pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. 

From the ashes will arise a rival species - the centauri - who will claim superiority.

Amongst the struggling humans, one tribesman will preach that a prophet will one day arrive to bring salvation to the desperate people, before going forth to establish the formidable Galardros, in preparation. 


Many generations later, a young human warrior named Aldber will return home from travelling, having obtained vital information for the war effort, before taking the initiation into the order. 

Afterwards, a nightmare will spark a spiral of events, unravelling great mysteries about Aldber’s origins, and providing a glimmer of hope that could help to bring an end to the war between the two species once and for all. 




The Heir to the Order


''I’m hooked, it’s a great story with such an imaginative narrative. The books have a really nice balance of fantasy but with a thread of truth towards real life.
The story keeps the momentum from book one whilst letting you discover new landscapes, people and see characters develop.''

''I loved reading this book. It had a great start, flowing nicely from the end of the first book. There were fantastic moments of tension and unexpected turn of events as the story deepens with underestimating the Enemy.
I loved how my imagination was really expanded with how the author vividly described the scenery, and the post-apocalyptic world that the story is set in. With small subtle hints of past events that led to this state of the world, you’re given enough to let your mind take over the rest. I think that’s important, to not rely on word-for-word to understand but instead, be guided to let your own imagination work.
New characters are introduced which really add a vibrant diversity to the various cultures through this apocalyptic world while we dive even deeper to the main characters. With the increasing tensions of the Enemy, you get teased with understanding their race more and begin learning their perspective of life and what they appreciate. It makes you question your own values, as a race and in your own self as you delve into the flaws of humanity, being intimidated by the thoughts of a superior race. The deep conflict from the characters and events really sink into your mind, and now I’m annoyed I must wait for book 3 to arrive!
A great read, definitely recommend.''

The Wrath of Black Scar


''I am impressed by the vivid imagination and writing abilities of the author, considering this is his first novel.
The beginning focuses on world-building and exposition, before getting into the thick of the plot and suddenly becoming this edge-of-your-seat perilous quest, before an unpredictable, explosive finale and a nail-biting cliff hanger that has you yearning for more with so many unanswered questions.
For a book of this genre, I found it to be very accessible and I really warmed to the array of diverse and complex characters. The world seems like a frightening foreshadowing of something that could happen if we as a species don’t change our ways. The text is so rich with detail and ideas.
I would highly recommend and can’t wait to read book two!'' 


''An exciting, unique and gripping page-turner. Well thought out and developed characters, as well as plenty of unexpected twists! So impressed to hear this was the authors first novel. Would highly recommend to all.'' 


''I’m not usually one for these genres but was nicely taken aback by the vivid imagination of the author and the depths he’s taken to each of his characters.
 It is a nice easy read and has presented just enough detail to get you lost in this entirely different world that takes place far in the future. The book has a great subtle connection to the past civilisation, as well as a firm debating concept of learning from our mistakes and preventing history from repeating itself.
 The centauri are nicely done. Another evolved species that threatens humanity and viewed as ruthless beasts, only to find their nature isn’t as black & white and conflicts many raised beliefs in the characters.
 I’m hooked and can’t wait for the second book to come out!’’

''I don’t want to give too much away - the book keeps you turning every page and so easy to lose time reading it! Lerwill really captured my imagination, creating an entirely new world; language, species, cultures... Not your normal good vs bad story!''

’’I definitely got more into the story as the book went on, the way the world is described pulls you in and you could definitely see all the fight scenes happening on the big screen at the cinema! I'm interested to see what happens next.’’


About the Author

I live in London. My first project, the ambitiously epic science fiction trilogy War for Humanity, has been a creation nearly two decades in the making. The creative journey started many years ago when as a boy my uncle took me to the cinema to see the special edition version of Star Wars: A New Hope. It was a mind-blowing experience, which left an everlasting impression; it sent my imagination into overdrive. At the time, my uncle also gifted me with a replica revolver, which I then used to play action-adventure games. This is when the first ideas for my story came to fruition.

Over time, I started to write down plot ideas, I developed the characters, and gradually created the world in which it all inhabits. The process has been both an exhilarating and challenging experience, and I hope that you will all enjoy reading it as much as I have loved creating it for you. Please make sure to leave a review!

A.R. Lerwill

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