The Wrath of Black Scar


''I was gripped from the beginning of this book and the many plot twists along the way kept me up late into the night not wanting to stop reading. The characters are so well described and so much intricate thought has gone into the map of the lands and multiple languages, you can really imagine what they are like. Book 2 is ordered and can't wait to get stuck in!
This also needs to be made into a film...pronto!''


''I am impressed by the vivid imagination and writing abilities of the author, considering this is his first novel. This is one of the best new science fiction books out there.''


''For a book of this genre, I found it to be very accessible and I really warmed to the array of diverse and complex characters. The world seems like a frightening foreshadowing of something that could happen if we as a species don’t change our ways. The text is so rich with detail and ideas.
I would highly recommend and can’t wait to read book two!'' 

''I had so much fun with this book!
The plot races between the philosophical and physical battles of the main character, with plenty of twists and turns along the way. It's fast-paced but never leaves you behind.
Plenty of action and plenty of heart, I can't wait for the next one.''


''An exciting, unique and gripping page-turner. Well thought out and developed characters, as well as plenty of unexpected twists! So impressed to hear this was the authors first novel. Would highly recommend to all.'' 


''I’m not usually one for these genres but was nicely taken aback by the vivid imagination of the author and the depths he’s taken to each of his characters. It is a nice easy read and has presented just enough detail to get you lost in this entirely different world that takes place far in the future. I’m hooked and can’t wait for the second book to come out!''

''I don’t want to give too much away - the book keeps you turning every page and so easy to lose time reading it! Lerwill really captured my imagination, creating an entirely new world; language, species, cultures... Not your normal good vs bad story!''

''I definitely got more into the story as the book went on, the way the world is described pulls you in and you could definitely see all the fight scenes happening on the big screen at the cinema! I'm interested to see what happens next.''

The Heir to the Order


''I’m hooked, it’s a great story with such an imaginative narrative. The books have a really nice balance of fantasy but with a thread of truth towards real life. The story keeps the momentum from book one whilst letting you discover new landscapes, people and see characters develop.''

''I loved reading this book. It had a great start, flowing nicely from the end of the first book. There were fantastic moments of tension and unexpected turn of events. The deep conflict from the characters and events really sink into your mind, and now I’m annoyed I must wait for book 3 to arrive!''

''A great read, definitely recommend.''

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