The fight for survival is not our only destiny

In the aftermath of the attack on the Sanctuary, Aldber finds safe passage aboard the floating Sky City, where he hopes to find his long-lost father Erai Genuba. However, the young warrior soon discovers the mission is far more dangerous than he could have ever anticipated, and a chance encounter will change his life forever.


Centauri forces return to Irelaf to be welcomed by their people, and their new leader, Raining Fire, is sworn in. Endeavouring to continue building their war machine, he also enacts an order to eradicate a threat, in an act of vengeance.


Aware of the centauri’s plan to claim complete dominion of the world, Grand Master Vivid gathers warriors of the order together with tribal leaders and Sky People delegates for a historical meeting. Bitter rivalries will resurface and plans will be discussed as the tides of war gradually turn, beckoning the greatest battle for survival the species has ever known.

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''I loved reading this book. It had a great start, flowing nicely from the end of the first book. There were fantastic moments of tension and unexpected turn of events.''
-Jamie Harris 

''I’m hooked, it’s a great story with such an imaginative narrative. The books have a really nice balance of fantasy but with a thread of truth towards real life. The story keeps the momentum from book one whilst letting you discover new landscapes, people and see characters develop.''
- Lorna Gribbins

''A unique, thought-provoking, and exhilarating story.''
- Tom Pritchard

''Wonderful continuation of the first book and this one hooked me even more in the world. Highly recommend! It definitely gets more exciting and gripping page by page. Looking forward to reading the final book and definitely one for sci-fi lovers.''
- Anna Cox