The fight for survival is not our only destiny

As the final stages of war dawn upon the world, Aldber travels northwards, paying respect to the final wishes of a dying man, in search of the legendary Mount Meru, where he hopes to meet the founder of the order and gain enlightenment. Unbeknownst to him, the revered champion of the Accursed Few – the Skull – is on his tail.


Across the other side of the world, Hecta is being held hostage in the desert fortress of Madarosa, and is the only person who can establish world communications between the human forces, which is vital in their desperate fight against their superior enemy.


Freya lies sleeping peacefully with her newly-born daughter nearby. She is not aware of the letter that sits by her bedside, the contents of which will challenge her and shake the very foundations of the order. With this she must make a choice, as others question the disappearance of the Promised One, and they accept that the day of judgement draws upon them.  

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''I loved reading this trilogy! Flew through reading this last book.The plot keeps twisting and turning all the way though. Even to the last page! And the narrative balances a lot of really thought-provoking ideas. Highly recommend!''
- Lorna Gribbins

''The unique perspectives between the humans and the centauri really adds that psychological tension in the world, and it’s a fine-drawn relation to existing issues of today.
All the dots get connected in this, with so many surprises you don't expect!''

- Jamie Harris