Aldber searches for answers on Mount Meru, hunted by a revered assassin

Hecta loses his sanity, held hostage in the desert fortress of Madarosa

Freya receives a letter that will challenge her

The centauri invasion forces are ready to embark

As the day of judgement draws upon them all


The epic saga concludes

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''I loved reading this trilogy! Flew through reading this last book.The plot keeps twisting and turning all the way though. Even to the last page! And the narrative balances a lot of really thought-provoking ideas. Highly recommend!''
- Lorna Gribbins

''The unique perspectives between the humans and the centauri really adds that psychological tension in the world, and it’s a fine-drawn relation to existing issues of today.
All the dots get connected in this, with so many surprises you don't expect!''

- Jamie Harris