The fight for survival is not our only destiny

A climactic struggle ravages our fallen world.
A rival species — the centauri — has risen to claim superiority. 
Humanity’s salvation is foreseen in a prophecy.
Caught in the middle is a young human warrior named Aldber. 
He is given the almost impossible task of hunting down the opposition’s formidable leader, Black Scar. 
A perilous quest that will reveal more than Aldber could have ever imagined…

War for Humanity: The Wrath of Black Scar is vibrant and multi-layered, with compelling commentary about pressing issues of our times. And a disturbing foreshadowing of what could become. It is a story of compassion, understanding and evolution.

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''An exciting, unique, and gripping page-turner.''
- Tom Pritchard

''Fun, exciting, and lots to delve into!...Plenty of action and plenty of heart.''
- Alic Joy

''Creative new take on the ‘good vs bad’ storyline.''
- Lorna Gribbins

''It kept me up late into the night not wanting to stop reading…This needs to be made into a film...pronto!''
- Georgia Jackson

''I’m hooked and can’t wait for the second book to come out!''
-Jamie Harris